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Destination Wedding at Chail, Himachal

There are many reasons why couples choose to have a destination wedding. Destination weddings often have a smaller guest list than traditional weddings, which can create a more intimate atmosphere. This can be appealing to couples who want to focus on celebrating with their closest family and friends. A destination wedding allows you to get married in a beautiful and exotic location that you and your guests will never forget. It can be a truly memorable experience for both the couple and their guests. It's a chance to combine a wedding with a vacation, creating lasting memories. It allows you to break away from some of the expectations of a traditional wedding and create a more personalized celebration. Destination weddings can also be a way for the couple to focus on themselves and their new marriage. By being away from home and the distractions of everyday life, they can truly enjoy their special day.

Chail is primarily known for its stunning scenery, majestic mountains and stunning views. In North India, this has become one of the most sought-after locations for destination weddings for couples who seek an unusual and unique location for an unforgettable wedding experience. The Ekant Retreat Resort at Chail is mostly known for its breathtaking views, ethereal beauty and peaceful atmosphere. With backdrops of himalayan peaks to magical rivers flowing, we have everything to offer.
Consider tying a knot in the midst of lush gardens or organising a lavish event at a home away from home with the breathtaking Himalayas as your background.
Chail provides a lovely and elegant environment for weddings with its nice temperature, abundant greenery, and historical architecture.
This Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, which is well-known for its diverse animals and breathtaking scenery, provides a special location for nature lovers. Tying a knot, in the middle of a forest, with the sounds of exotic birds and the rustle of leaves serving as your background.
Ekant Retreat Resort offers the ideal combination of luxury and excitement, enabling couples to plan an extravagant wildlife wedding that will never be forgotten.

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Destination Wedding

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