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Local Attractions In Chail

Chail is one of the most serene places in Himachal Pradesh. The region and its vicinities are covered under dense forest of Buras, Deodar, Chir Pine, Baan and other forest trees. Among these woods reside so many incredible and rare Himalayan species of flora and fauna with little human population. The story of its habitation by tourists begins from arrival of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. He was once exiled by British from Shimla. Enraged by this odious discrimination, he decided to set up his own summer retreat from where he could look down upon Shimla. His search came to an end at Chail. A small town that elegantly overlooks at all the nearby hills. Hence was built The Chail Palace by blessings of a Siddha Baba.The Chail Palace is constructed in a pocket of a ridge adjacent to Bazaar, in 1891. The building is a fine example of ancient stone masonry, with Indo-British interior decor. Polished wood parquet floors, different chambers for king, queen and mistresses, and a garden with walks. It is not a bad idea to have a cup of tea there in breeze and sunshine. A Siddha Baba once appeared in the dream of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh and pinpointed him the location where temple was to be constructed. Hence, the obliged king built a small temple which is now known as Siddha Baba Mandir. An offshoot path goes to the temple from cricket stadium road.

  • Kali Ka Tibba

    Kali Devi Temple situated on the top of the hill is well known as Kali ka Tibba. Kali is the main deity in the temple and is the popular attraction for tourists as well as devotees. Located on the apex of the mountain named after the Rajmata's cottage blossom , the place gives a panoramic view of the venerable shivalik range and mighty Choor Chandni peak. Its mesmerizing view of sunset is heaven for photographers. One can always trek up to the temple , as the way up offers some good sights. Horse riding, angling and trekking are also popular near the temple.


    The ground was developed by Maharaja of Patiala Bhupender Singh who made Chail its Summer capital after being banned from entering Shimla, which was summer capital then.He built the cricket ground in 1893 by levelling a hill top. Located at 2444 meters above sea level, makes it highest cricket ground in the world.The ground is surrounded by thick forests and is on the top of the hill. After the formation of Indian Union , the then Maharaja of Patiala donated all the buildings and the ground to Chail Military school and Government of India.During the school vacations ground is used to play Polo. The ground also includes a well maintained basket ball court. Occasionally even football is played on the ground as there are goal posts present

  • HERITAGE, The Chail Palace

    The heritage Chail palace was built in 1981 and covers an approximate area of 75 acres. The palace relates to Maharaja Bhupender Singh of Patiala. He shifted to this place after his expulsion from Shimla. This spectacular place is equipped with tennis and badminton courts, an orchard, elegant lawns, quaint log cottages, open air cafe and is a perfect vacation spot. This palace is now converted into a Heritage Hotel where one can encounter the Maharaja's creation.

  • Bird Sanctuary

    Chail Bird sanctuary is the major attractions in Himachal Pradesh. It was established in 1976 and covers an area of 110 km. Chail wildlife sanctuary is one of the perfect destinations for the nature lovers to explore the adventurous and venturesome place.The lush green forest ranges and its mesmerizing scenic views surrounded by oak trees and deodar forests magnetizes one towards.The slopes of the sanctuary are covered with lush green grassland. The sanctuary is home to the mammals like rhesus macaque, leopards, Indian muntjac and crested porcupine, also includes black bear , wild boar and black naped hare.You can also traverse valiant activities such as trekking, angling and bird watching. It is also known for its wide range of flora.

  • Stoned Kumbh Shiv Temple

    The Stone Kumbh Shiv Temple, is a unique temple in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. It's being built single-handedly by Satya Bhushan, a devotee of Lord Shiva. The temple is special due to the fact that it is being constructed entirely from stones found in the surrounding region. There are intricate stone carvings throughout the structure, and the atmosphere is described as serene and peaceful. Many visitors find it to be a spiritual haven. There may be limited facilities available for visitors but we have got you covered with the Coziness of the hotels in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. If you are looking for a unique and spiritual experience during your visit to Chail, the Stone Kumbh Shiv Temple is definitely worth a stop. It has a beautiful statue of Lord Shiva seated in his meditative state. His locks are curled up and the statue is a masterpiece.

  • Buddhist Monastery

    There is a Buddhist Temple in Chail, Himachal Pradesh which is a short drive from Sadhupul. The road leading up to the temple is steep and requires an experienced driver. It's a great place for relaxation and reflection, enjoying scenic mountain views along with the comfort of staying in Chail hotels and resorts. The temple is in an isolated spot in the pockets of hills. It has beautifully carved Buddhist Idols. The temple is taken care of by some lamas. The entire ambience here is peaceful and ideal for meditation. This is not just a tourist attraction, but also a great place for spiritual exploration. The temple is located behind the gate. The place of worship is very much open. There are also many prayer wheels that have mantras engraved on them in Bhoti script.

  • Mohan Shakti Heritage Park

    Situated in one of the most serene location in Solan, Mohan Shakti Heritage Park is a beautifully planned and built temple complex, probably the most beautiful one. Each and every God and Goddess idol is sculpted to life-like form. The large hall is full of calm and spiritual ambience with marbled floor and detailed stone craft. Park's front yard faces the rivulet Ashni Khad and the backside hill is adorned with beautiful Shiva statue. This massive project was inaugurated by our former prime minister Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Mohan Shakti Heritage Park is certainly the most attractive tourist location in Solan. Kufri

  • Himalayan Nature Park, Kufri

    Himalayan Nature Park is a zoo as well as conservation area for Himalayan wild species, especially tragopans and other avifauna. Large mammals mainly constitute of Ghoral, barking deer, leopard, himalayan brown bear, himalayan black bear, fox, hyena, wolf and other wild animals. Paintings, posters, photos, bags, caps and some literature can be bought from souvenir shop in the park. The park is doing great in conservation of wildlife and mitigating human conflicts with animals.

  • Sadhupul

    Sadhupul is a small bridge located midway from Kandaghat to Chail. It is a great place for fun activities, fishing and water-play. The stream is narrow and it's banks often gleam with white pebbles. It is an ideal location for kids to try their hand at some rustic construction, or get creative with sand. Many tourists arrive here solely for angling or fishing.

  • Shri Ramlok Mandir

    Ramlok Mandir is located in a nearby village called Sadhupul. It's situated between Solan and Chail. Ramlok Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to various deities including Lord Rama, Lord Parshuram, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Lord Mahesh, Maa Kali, Lord Shani and Nagas. There are statues of these deities within the temple complex. The temple is still under construction but appears to be nearing completion. The temple is grand and very beautiful with golden tombs shining on the top. There is so much woodwork done inside the temple. The environment here is very calm and silent. It is a great place to visit and stay with family and friends with a variety of places to stay in Chail.
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